The Iceworm system was a hybrid seismic processing system designed and used at the Alaska Earthquake Information Center in the mid- to late-1990s. It was composed of elements from the USGS Earthworm package, the Antelope Environmental Monitoring System from Boulder Real-Time Technologies, legacy software from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center, and a collection of connective and value-added components. The manuscript below describes Iceworm in some detail. Originally, this was a distillation and expansion of Lindquist [1998] (as cited in the manuscript), submitted for publication to BSSA. Since the life cycle of the manuscript in the review process exceeded the lifetime of the architecture described therein, we are posting it here for historical and technical interest (1.16 MB PDF file). We hope you find it useful! The citation for the paper (following the Columbia Guide to Online Style) is:

Iceworm Manuscript